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Quant-driven research platform tools built on rules-based and time-tested relative strength methodologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower financial advisors by providing them with tools and insights to leverage our expertise to better serve their clients. Through our research platform, we are able to translate the insights we glean from our proprietary trend model and relative strength analysis into several different forms, allowing investors to access our methodology in whatever way best fits their investment process. We provide tools that enable investors to manage portfolios based on unbiased, unemotional, objective data.

Why choose QCL?

In finance, relative strength refers to the performance of a stock or investment compared to a market index or another stock. At QCL, we take relative strength a step further and compare every asset in a matrix to all other assets in that matrix. This comparison is done based on our proprietary trend model. Data is updated daily and can be personalized to your portfolio.

Our research platform gives you access to tools designed to help you in the following areas:

Market Pulse

  • Rating system of digital assets, stocks, and ETFs, highlighting the strongest and weakest asset classes.

  • Quickly discern overall market trends and performance with a comprehensive market overview.

Asset Selection

  • Delve into quantitative analysis of individual assets for data-driven market strength insights.

  • Integrate your own 'what to buy' list with our technical timing insights to determine 'when to buy'.

Portfolio Strategy

  • Utilize a personalized matrix, informed by quantitative research, to optimize asset balance.

  • Identify leaders based on Relative Strength and build a rules-based repeatable process.

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