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For our first 100 users

In the coming months, users will be able to subscribe via credit card. However, during the beta phase, QuantCheck Labs exclusively accepts cryptocurrency for payments.

As one of the first 100 beta premium subscribers, you will be receiving a 50% discount per month, for a net payment of $150 USD per month. We require a committment of at least 6 months; since the model operates on a high-time frame, one needs to commit at least six months to the model. 

To complete your payment of $900 USD ($150/month * 6 months), please visit the following link or click the button below:

Upon successful confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email notification and be added to the Premium Subscriber list for the model. As a premium subscriber, you will be notified via email each time a model signal is triggered for ETHUSDT.

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