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QCL offers an advanced suite of relative strength matrices, spanning diverse asset classes powered by our proprietary quantitative model. It guides you in determining what to invest in, when, and how much by comparing each asset within the matrix to every other, providing daily updates on buy/sell signals, relative strength rankings, stop loss levels, and inflection points, laying the foundation for informed financial decisions.


Asset Scanner

Our matrices serve as powerful asset scanners, presenting a ranking of assets based on their relative strength in markets such as Crypto, Stocks and ETFs. This ranking system enables you to determine which assets to focus on, whether to invest in the top 5, top 10, or use a combination of strategies, such as going long on the highest-ranked and short on the lowest-ranked assets.


Buy/Sell Signals for Optimal Timing

Benefit from daily buy and sell signals within each matrix. These signals guide you on the best times to enter or exit positions, enhancing your market timing decisions.

how much

Rank-Based Sizing Decisions

The rankings within our matrices guide your investment allocation decisions. A higher rank suggests a stronger case for investment, providing a basis for deciding how much to allocate to each asset based on your investment strategy and risk preferences.

You want to be invested in the winning horse, and QCL provides a more accurate representation of what horses are winning across all races.

Subscribers will be able to request for assets to be added to the QCL database. Then subscribers can create their personalized matrices that include any asset supported in the QCL database. For now, click here to see the complete asset list and all out of the box matrices.

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